My camera gear

One or two people (well, Rod, actually) wanted to know about my camera gear so, here you go...

I've always used Nikon; my first DSLR was a D70s which I loved - quite a few of the photos on this site were taken with it. I then upgraded to a D300 as I wanted a camera that could cope better with dust, damp, extremes of temperature and things that run about in low light. I used a D7100 briefly before moving to a D7200 and currently use a D500. If I've no room for the DSLR then I use a Panasonic Lumix LX100 compact - absolutely fine for scenery and general wandering about.

I like to keep things simple. Although I own several Nikon lenses (80-400, f4 70-200 and 16-80) and a recently acquired 105 macro prime I usually take just one away with me. I use a Lowepro top loader bag (makes a great elbow rest) and, very occasionally, a Manfrotto mono/tripod.

Someone else (we'll call him 'John') wanted to know every setting for every image on the website (oh dear...). I generally set the camera to aperture priority, keep the ISO setting as low as I can (much less of an issue with the D500) and, if I'm photographing running/flying around things, bump up the shutter speed. If stuff hangs around, I may try different settings (but often just sit back and watch).

I shoot in RAW and do what I want when I process my images - that may mean leaving them pretty much as they came out of the camera; other times I'll play around with the software to create something more arty. My earlier images were processed with Nikon Capture but I switched to Lightroom when I bought the D7200.