Viewing My Photos

When you arrive at a gallery you’ll see 4 small photos in a row with a blue arrow at either side. To get the best view of the photos place your cursor on the left hand photo and click – the photo will enlarge. Click on the NEXT button at the top of the photo (or use the right arrow key on your keyboard) to view the next photo. When you reach the last photo in the gallery a small cross will appear at the top right hand corner of the photo - click on the cross to close the last photo (and then you can go into another gallery if you wish).

If you want to speed through the gallery place your cursor/click on the right hand blue arrow (or use the right arrow key) to see the next set of 4 small photos (clicking on any photo you want to enlarge as you go and then clicking on any part of the screen outside the photo to return to the 4 photo row).

Sorry about the watermark across each photo, it’s there to deter image theft (all my photos are subject to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE on the home page).

Enjoy your visit.